ceiling lighting

There is no more classic and elegant general type of fixture than the chandelier, with some of these products being easily capable of transforming the character of entire rooms.

Cost Effective Air Circulation and Lighting

Ceiling Lighting is available in many styles, the most cost-effective of which is a ceiling fan with lights. The dual function of this design will save space and money, among other things. A plain ceiling fan will only circulate the air in the room. That, in itself, is a valuable function. Box fans are not needed so views are unobstructed. Heat and cool air can be circulated so savings on utility costs are year round, and the fan's speed can be altered.

Combining that function with efficient lighting eliminates the dilemma of choosing between the two. A light from the ceiling is brighter and takes up less space then lamps, wall sconces, or recessed lighting. One important aspect to consider when selecting a light and fan combination is whether each function can operate separately. It is better if they can for several reasons.

Separate Functions

There are some light and fan designs that are not separated in terms of switches and connections. That means both components will always operate at the same time. People will not be able to turn on the fan without the light also coming on, and vice-versa. This is most inconvenient in the vast majority of cases, especially in the home. A business location will operate well with this design because both will be needed while the location is open.

Placing that fixture in a bedroom, for example, makes no sense. It is also inconvenient when homeowners want to circulate air through all the rooms but do not need lighting in all those rooms. Lighting will also add to the heat on a summer day. If the fixture has two pull chains or a dual wall switch, it is a safe bet that functions are separate. Be sure to look at the description carefully when buying online or asking the sales representative for clarification when at a physical location.

Remote Controls

It is easy to find ceiling fans with remotes to turn them on and adjust the speed at will. Remote controls for light and fan fixtures may be harder to find. The most common operational access is pull chains, followed closely be dual switches. Online is the best place to start if a remote control is desired. A universal remote may work, but double check on that before making a final purchase. Once installed, the combination provides bright light, moving air, or both at the same time for comfort and convenience.